Who Says Real Men Don’t Write Poetry?

9 09 2010

Writing that last entry was so much fun I thought I’d take another crack at this poetry thing. I’m no Walt Whitman, nor am I a Walt Whitman wannabe. I’m just enjoying my craft.

As you will see when you read these lines

I’m really not a poet.

I’m not a master of verse that rhymes

In case you didn’t know it.

I find it hard to write with words like twould or twere or nigh.

I guess that’s ‘cause deep down inside I’m such a macho guy.

I’m a card-carrying member of the Handyman Club.

My favorite smell is wood.

I wear a measuring tape on my belt

Just like a handy-man should.

I never cry at chick flicks.

I build things just for fun.

I can work with marble, stone or brick.

I even own a gun.

When I go out to my favorite stores

Like The Home Depot or Lowes

I wear my manly working boots

And I wear my manly clothes.

I watch football on TV.

While hanging with the boys.

I like airplanes, trucks and boats,

and other manly toys.

I’m an expert cooking on the grill

I make a mean barbecue.

I drink my tea from a glass, not a cup

Like a manly man should do.

You won’t catch me with a demitasse and my pinky in the air.

I’ll take black coffee in a mug of heavy earthenware.

I like lots of manly things and lead a manly life,

And if you doubt what I say is true then you can ask my wife.




3 responses

9 09 2010
Jackie Garner

Bill you did it again so fun especially the last line. Love your humor…Tim Allen has Nothing on you..

9 09 2010

That is one clever poem. God Bless, Mike.

10 09 2010
Bill Taylor

Thanks, Mike. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Hope you’ll be a regular visitor.

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