Start ‘em Young!

26 08 2010

My wife and I were babysitting for our two granddaughters, Anna, age 7 and Abbie, who is 3. We were going to go out to get something to eat and my wife told the girls to go to their rooms and get their shoes. After what seemed an eternity, Abbie was still upstairs. I ran up to check on her, only to find her in her closet going through the two boxes of shoes, on the floor. She was searching, unsuccessfully, for her other flip-flop. I never found it, but I did find a lot of shoes. Women are notorious for having and wanting more than their allotment of shoes, but my goodness, this woman is only three years old! I

I decided this was blog fodder and thought I would write it like this:

She had sandals and flip-flops and shoes galore.

There were shoes in the boxes and shoes on the floor.

Red sneakers, grey sneakers, pink sneakers too,

Sneakers of white and sneakers of blue.

Sneakers for play and sneakers for show,

Sneakers that shine and sneakers that glow.

 There were boots for snow, and boots for rain;

 Boots that were fancy and boots that were plain.

There were breakfast shoes, lunch shoes, and dinner shoes too;

This child had more footwear than well shod centipedes do.

Does she have enough; are they keeping a score?

At the rate she is growing she’s soon gonna need more.

No wonder she has such a hard time finding her shoes! Now, in defense of my son and daughter-in-law, many of these shoes were her older sister’s hand-me-downs. And, I happen to know that many more were bought by my wife. She loves to buy things for the girls. I guess a girl can’t have too many shoes.




6 responses

26 08 2010
Jackie Garner

Every girl should be so lucky as to have a grandpa that can write a poem for them just about their shoes. Really enjoyed it Bill

27 08 2010
Bill Taylor

Thanks, Jackie but I’m the lucky one. She, like her sister, is a real sweetheart. The poem was fun to write.

27 08 2010
Wendy Brown

that was just adorable! and so true a girl can’t have too many shoes!!

20 09 2010

This is precious.

27 11 2010
Prada Shoes

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28 11 2010
Bill Taylor

Thank you for commenting. I hope you will continue to visit and comment often.

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