You’re Gonna do What?

5 06 2010

For those loyals who have been checking in the past few weeks, only to find no new post-I apologize. I have been inundated by work with Power Points, scripts, and manuals to write-even been burning some of the midnight oil. But today is special and I felt it was time for something new to share.

Scripture says to control your tongue. Truer words were never written.

Our daughter-in-law gave our son a skydiving adventure for a gift this past Christmas. Back in April we all drove two hours to the field near Fort Bragg to watch him take this adventure. He was paired up with a young man named Noah who was not only active duty Army but also is a member of the Golden Knights jump team. Pretty impressive!

As we stood there 13,000 feet below my son, as he came out of the airplane, I happened to make an off-hand comment about how much fun it must be to jump out of a plane with a Golden Knight strapped to your back. Well, my daughter-in-law and my wife heard me.

Now, my wife is pretty astute. She could be across the room and hear me whisper, “I like that”. And then the next birthday, Fathers’ Day or Christmas, she would give me whatever it might be. Guys aren’t that sharp. My wife might comment, directly to me, a hundred times about something she would like but I still find myself at every occasion-for-giving, trying to remember what I heard her say 4 months before. I have come to learn my daughter-in-law is about as good as my wife when it comes to tuning in and remembering such things.

Well, recently we celebrated my birthday. Yep, you guessed it. Today I am going skydiving. I’ll fill you in later on the how things went (or not) but for now I am reminded of a story I read not long ago.

The sea-captain stood on the deck by his first mate, peering through his long glass, as a pirate ship approached, intent on engaging the captain’s ship. As the pirates drew near, the captain turned to the first mate, “go to my cabin and get my red shirt”.

The first mate asked why.

“So if I am wounded in battle”, replied the captain, “the crew will not be able to see the blood from my wounds and rather than growing discouraged, they will continue to fight”.

So the pirates approached and a battle ensued, during which the captain was killed, but they thwarted the pirates’ attack. Now the first mate is captain.

The next day as they sailed along, the new captain peered through his long glass and saw the same pirate ship approaching. “Quick”, he shouted to his newly appointed first mate, “go to my cabin and get my brown pants!”

I don’t have any brown pants so I got to run out and get some Depends! Catch you up later.




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