Hello world!

20 01 2010

Laughter is good medicine and I like to dispense it every chance I get. This will not be a blog in which I chronicle the day’s events, unless the day’s events are humorous or particularly interesting. I enjoy writing and I enjoy sharing my writing so I will be sharing stories, most true, but perhaps some not so true ( I have been known to dabble in fiction.). As a husband of 38 years and a father of three grown sons I have a fertile field from which to harvest stories and share with you. As a born again Christian I may, on occasion, feel compelled to share my faith and thoughts on The Bible and my God, especially as it relates to today’s society. No, my writing will not always be humorous, but I hope you will continue to visit and find something that is funny, entertaining, enlightening, spiritual, or controversial, but always interesting.




3 responses

20 01 2010
Mr WordPress
14 06 2010
david coble

You jumped out of an airplane!!! I got to admit, I’m impressed.

16 06 2010
Bill Taylor

Try it some time. They have an extra long jump suit.

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